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Welcome to KANTI GROUP

There are many reasons to enter into the world of business. For some it’s a creative spark, for others it’s the need for personal control, and some desire the commercial success in order to create a better lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, sheer passion and determination helps individuals to begin their business ventures. This is then followed by a prolonged honeymoon period where the owner basks in their creative flair where anything is possible.

For some this period lasts for months, for others it’s years. But sure enough, a point is reached when the enthusiasm fades and the owner begins asking:

 How can the business be set up to work productively and efficiently when I’m not there in person?

  • How can employees be motivated to work without direct supervision all the time?
  • How can systems be put in place so large numbers of customers can be served efficiently and consistently?
  • How can the amount of time spent doing the things I really enjoy can be maximized?
  • How can the amount of time spent doing the things I don’t like but have to do be minimized?
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Business Strategies for the Hospitality Industry
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